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Welcome to Nude Toon Creation!

Chicago commercial photographers

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- 3D now accepted! Just make sure it's still in the realm of cartoons, not realism.

Hi there! Welcome to Nude Toon Creation!

This is a group where we create traditional and digital cartoons without the necessity of clothing. This doesn't eliminate costume for our characters, of course. If anything it actually helps us reimagine how clothing and costuming would work without having to cover certain areas.

This is NOT, however, a group to promote pornography, ecchi, hentai, or sexually provocative or victimized images. Nudity here will be viewed in a positive light under the nudist/naturist philosophy. (Don't worry! Your character doesn't have to be a nudist. Just naked! Or even partially so!)

It is my hope that this group will help fuel a re-envisioning of nudity as a whole, but specifically in animated media. Being nude doesn't have to be sexy, embarrassing, or gross. It can also be cool, tough, and beautiful!

I would like to help members and visitors of this group improve in their skill in drawing human anatomy, specifically, the nude form (of course!). Criticisms will be geared towards design and story/personality elements and less on skill and refinement unless specified.

Use your imaginations and post some creative stuff!

Fan art is welcome!

What will NOT be accepted: pornography or other sexualized content, photographs, and highly reallistic works. (Rules are subject to change and exceptions.)

A little about the founder (me!): I'm an animator-in-training with a focus on traditional (2D) animation and character design and concept. I've been drawing for five years now and finally am gaining some professional experience in game development.
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Jul 16, 2014


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Art Creation

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Hello all, been a long time since I posted last but I got to thinking about how a lot of companies are self-censoring their brands and logos for reasons that I don't understand. Maybe you can help me out.

My FAVORITE coffee cup is a vente Starbucks mug that's modeled after their paper counterparts with the original logo from 1971:…

In my last year of college, during a dramatic, self-doubting depression during finals, I accidentally broke this cup and many tears were shed. Later, however, I found the EXACT(?) cup in stores later. I got mine at the Pike Place original store and thought I would never be able to get it again. In my excitement, I pick up the cup ready to purchase when I notice...

Starbucks was hocking an "original" 1971 cup sans nipples. They were very adamant that this was the original logo. But clearly the familiar siren's hair has grown conveniently longer.

And she is not the only one to suffer from this censorship.

Coppertone sunblock's original ad:…

Coppertone's current ad in 2017:…

Tempur-pedic's original logo:…

Tempur-pedic's current logo in 2017:…

Tempur-pedic went from a figure lying in a bed to a figure that's in bed probably because they can't walk (the buttocks is fundamental to standing upright).

Coppertone went from a little girl on a beach with a playful joke on tanlines to a baggy one-piece hazmat suit made for nuns covering nearly everything.

It appears that these companies are so afraid of negative impacts of nudity that they are scrubbing them from their logos, some even retroactively (Starbucks). It's kind of sad.

One English company called Elave that made skin products boldly made a commercial with all-nude actors to prove they "had nothing to hide." Considering that is no longer running, I wonder if nudity scared people off...

Fortunately, Elave is alive and well though unfortunately without a single instance of nudity:

Watch the Elave commercial and the clips that has the ad's spokeswoman from the website.…

P.S My mom got me a replacement of the real Starbucks mug for Christmas and I am reunited with my nipple-ful caffeinating mermaid :)
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